DHL - On Demand Delivery

Whether you are at home or on the move - "On Demand Delivery" -service allows you to receive delivery in various ways.

Delivery options


Change Delivery Date

The recipient chooses a new delivery date and / or time for the delivery of the shipment.


Leave with Neighbour

The recipient defines a neighbour who is allowed to receive the shipment.


Alternate Address

The recipient advises DHL to deliver the shipment to a new address and / or at a new date.


Collect from Service Point

The recipient chooses a Service Point (DHL Express Service Point, Packstation) for delivery.


Vacation Hold

If the recipient is on vacation, they may choose a new delivery date and / or time.


Signature Release

The recipient advises DHL to leave the shipment in a safe place without a signature.

This is how On Demand Delivery works

As soon as the shipment is on its way, the recipient will receive a message from DHL Express and can manage the shipment themself.

1. Notification

The recipient receives an ODD message by SMS or Email, follows the link and will be redirected to the ODD website.

2. Selection

The recipient chooses their preferred delivery option.

3. Confirmation

As soon as the recipient has made their choice, they receive a confirmation SMS or Email from DHL Express.

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