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Earrings by Au3 Goldsmiths

Au3 Goldsmiths earrings includes models to all jewelry tastes, from delicate and simple to more decorative. We have both stud earrings and hanging earrings. Some earrings are sold individually and in pairs, this way you can match the models as you wish. Many of our earrings have matching necklaces, rings and bracelets.

We use high quality materials suitable for all jewelry users. We mainly use 750 gold and 950 platinum, but also 925 silver. The gold we use is always at least 99,9% recycled. All metals are nickel free. We use diamonds, sapphires and other durable and high quality gems we acquire from reliable and long-term material suppliers and partners. We only use diamonds from legal sources and producers who are committed to the Kimberley International Agreement. We provide a certificate of authenticity for the materials and for the jewelry designed and manufactured by us at Au3 Goldsmiths.

A lovely pair of earrings is a great gift idea for your loved one! It is an easy-to-buy jewelry product, you don't need any measurements, just the love for her / him! Handmade high-quality earrings are also a great idea when you wish to buy something special for yourself.



Au3 Goldsmiths offer classics with a modern twist. The jewelry collection's include both pendants and necklaces in high quality materials.


Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry collections are versatile. We specialize in engagement rings and wedding rings, but we design and manufacture rings for every purpose!


We at Au3 Goldsmiths think there is always a perfect moment for a jewelry gift. Cute design earrings, a beautiful golden necklace, or a dazzling diamond ring will make the moment memorable!