Keto Meadow ring by goldsmith Jussi Louesalmi was nominated the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2017 in Finland. The jewelry collection includes now various models of rings, necklaces and earrings in precious metals 18K gold and platinum, and with sapphires and diamonds. The beautiful color tones and asymmetrical gemstone design gives a delicate, floral and light feeling to the spectacular jewelry.

Keto Meadow rings are perfect as engagement and wedding rings: The jewelry is made with sustainable and durable, everlasting materials and suitable for every-day use. The design of the Keto Meadow jewelry is fresh and something totally new. The jewelry pieces are extremely lovely, rich and very elegant. All the Keto Meadow jewelry is crafted with our goldsmiths' premium expertise.

The Keto Meadow jewelry is available at Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry store in Helsinki and on Au3 Online shop. Official retailers are found in the largest cities in Finland.

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Goldsmith, jewelry designer Jussi Louesalmi and his Keto Meadow ring was nominated the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2017 in Finland. Keto Meadow is a beautiful collection of rings, earrings and necklaces. The rings are perfect as engagement rings and wedding rings. The Keto Meadow jewelry collection is full of stunning jewelry gifts, or when you just wish to celebrate wonderful you!

The name of the vibrant jewelry collection; "Keto" is a Finnish word for flower field or a meadow filled with wild flowers. It's a beautiful component of the Finnish traditional landscape. This lovely jewelry is made to order and it's available in the Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry store in Helsinki, on Au3 Online shop and in carefully selected retailers in Finland.

Louesalmi’s elegant jewelry pieces have been seen in numerous competitions and finals, where they have attracted attention with their unique and fresh design and high quality of craftmanship. In addition to his own jewelry collections, Louesalmi designs unique jewelry. Uncompromising precision and creativity delivers high-quality and timeless design.