We at Au3 Goldsmiths have 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing wearable jewelry from precious metals and high quality gemstones. From our collections you will find engagement and wedding rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry for every day use and for the special moments in your life. And if you are searching for jewelry gifts, we are here for you!

We make the jewelry mainly to order. You may purchase our contemporary designs and beautiful jewelry classics from Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry store in the atmospheric old city center of Helsinki, and from here, at Au3 Online shop. We love designing beautiful jewelry - we love our work!



In the Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry collections, you will find the perfect engagement rings and wedding rings for you and your partner. We also have great options for bridal gifts and anniversary gifts!


Beautiful jewelry is a perfect gift for your loved one or when you wish to reward yourself. Au3 Goldsmiths' collection jewelry is ready in 4-6 weeks from placing the order, custom made pieces take a bit longer.


Placing your jewelry order from Au3 Online shop is safe and easy. Once ready, the jewelry can be collected from our store in Helsinki, or it will be delivered to you by insured mail.


Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry store is located in the heart of the atmospheric old city center of Helsinki, at Unioninkatu 27, just next to Senate square and Helsinki Cathedral. Our spacious jewelry store is open mon-fri 11am-6pm, sat 11am-4pm. Our store is closed on public holidays. We recommend booking an appointment in advance, but it's also ok just to stop by without advance notice!

PS. Au3 Online shop is open 24h!


For us, quality is one of the most important criteria in our work. The Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry is designed and manufactured by us with high quality standards down to the smallest detail. The gold we use is at least 99% recycled and we acquire gemstones from reliable and long-term material suppliers and partners. We only use diamonds from legal sources and producers who are committed to the Kimberley International Agreement.

Vote in the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2022 competition!

The search for the Most Beautiful Ring is here again! Ten rings were chosen to the competition finals, and Au3 Goldsmiths did well again! But who is the winner? You will decide that! Vote your favourite ring in October.

Kymi ring by Tero Hannonen competes with number 1.

MyWay ring by Jussi Louesalmi competes with number 6.

Cosmic Egg ring by Heidi Vornan competes with number 9. 

The competition is organized annually by Häät media and the I Love Me fair event.


Hey Jyväskylä! You are warmly welcome to the Keto Meadow jewelry event on Friday, October 7th at 2pm-6pm! Address: Timanttiset Vehmas, Kauppakatu 35, Jyväskylä.


Kuopio folks! Welcome to the Keto Meadow jewelry event on Saturday, October 8th at 11am-3pm! Address: Timanttiset Kuopio, Shopping Center Minna, Haapaniemenkatu 18, Kuopio.


Hey Oulu! Keto Meadow jewelry event will be held in Oulun Koru on Saturday, 12th November at 10am-4pm! Address: Kirkkokatu 19, Oulu.



Kulta- ja Kelloliike Suominen in Turku
Lahden Kellokeskus in Lahti
Timanttiset Ratina in Tampere
Timanttiset Vehmas in Jyväskylä
Timanttiset Kuopio in Kuopio
Oulun Koru in Oulu

for every day use.



We make all our jewelry with high quality materials. The precious metals and gemstones are valuable, so they should be carefully used and recycled as much as possible, especially from an ethical and ecological point of view. We want to find the best material for the purpose and nature of every jewelry without compromising in sustainability.


For us, quality is one of the most important criteria in our work. The Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry is designed and manufactured with high quality standards to the smallest detail. All our jewelry is made by our talented goldsmiths in Finland, mainly in Helsinki. We design and make jewelry that will last for future generations.


We do our best to ensure that ordering jewelry from Au3 Goldsmiths is safe, reliable and smooth. When placing the order outside of Helsinki, the finished jewelry is delivered to you by insured mail. We give a certificate of authenticity for the materials and for the jewelry designed and manufactured by us at Au3 Goldsmith.

Safety in Au3 Goldsmiths store during Covid19

For us at Au3 Goldsmiths it’s very important that our customers feel safe when visiting our store or when ordering jewelry. This is why we take extra good care of the cleaning and hygiene processes at our store.

We clean all our jewelry with isopropanol alcohol, which is also used to disinfect hospital instruments. We carry out this cleaning process whenever customers have tried jewelry in our store. We also disinfect the commissioned jewelry, which we send to our customers via insured mail.

We hope you will visit our store only when you are healthy and please use a mask during your visit. In this way, we can continue to design and manufacture jewelry for our customers. Thank you for understanding!

Feedback from our customers

"These rings are so gorgeous!"

"I can't take my eyes off them. Thank you so so much. I have been wearing the white gold one and I cant wait to wear the yellow gold one. I like that one even better if that is possible."

"These rings are very special!"

"Thank You! Everything went smoothly. I had no problems with the order."

"Thank You!"

"Thank you again for the care and time you took with me from the prompt responses to accomodating a video call."