Au3 Goldsmiths started in Helsinki in 2003. We design and manufacture rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry from the very beginning of the process until the last finishing touches. We design timeless jewelry pieces and modern classics with passion. We love our work, and hope you can feel the commitment and love in our work too!


Au3 Goldsmiths is a collective of goldsmiths and jewelry designers. Goldsmiths Tero Hannonen and Jussi Louesalmi started the company in 2003 and they design the majority of all our jewelry. The collective also includes goldsmiths Venla Metsola and Anu Kaartinen, who is also designing jewelry to our store in Helsinki. Micromechanic Heini Viirto works at the Au3 workshop. Our latest addition to our group is goldsmith Niko Vakkuri who crafts our jewelry pieces. We also have goldsmiths working for us through their own company. Store manager, goldsmith Essi Kyöstilä is in charge of the jewelry store at Unioninkatu 27, Helsinki, with the help of salesperson Marika Meriläinen who takes care of the Au3 Online shop. Julia Weckman is the head of marketing, photography and visuals. You can contact us by email:

Ps. The wonderful illustration that we have on the wall of the jewelry store is made by the illustrator, artist Aino-Maija Metsola.



Precious metals and gemstones are valuable, so they should be carefully used and recycled as much as possible, especially from an ethical and ecological point of view. We renew old jewelry and use recycled materials whenever possible. All leftover material generated during the work is reused. The gold we use is always at least 99,9% recycled. We aim for 100% every day.

In our jewelry we mainly use gold and platinum, but also other materials such as silver. We use diamonds, sapphires and other durable and high-quality gems.

We acquire gemstones from our reliable long-term material suppliers and partners. We only use diamonds from legal sources and producers who are committed to the Kimberley International Agreement. We provide a certificate of authenticity for the materials and for the jewelry designed and manufactured by us at Au Goldsmiths.


We at Au3 Goldsmiths mostly use gold and platinum, with gems like diamonds and sapphires. Read more about materials and find out how to take care of them!



In the Au3 Goldsmiths jewelry collections, you will find the perfect engagement rings and wedding rings for you and your partner. We also have great options for bridal gifts and anniversary gifts!


Beautiful jewelry is a perfect gift for your loved one or when you wish to reward yourself. Au3 Goldsmiths' collection jewelry is ready in 4-6 weeks from placing the order.


Placing your jewelry order from Au3 Online shop is safe and easy. Once ready, the jewelry can be collected from our store in Helsinki, or it will be delivered to you by insured mail.