Since 2003, Au3 Goldsmiths has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing jewelry in Helsinki. Our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and premium materials is matched by a deep dedication to sustainability. We firmly believe that exquisite and beautiful jewelry design can coexist harmoniously with a commitment to sustainable practices. We also believe that we have to make the right choices every day to make a better future for our beautiful planet.


Precious metals and gemstones are valuable, so they should be carefully used and recycled as much as possible, especially from an ethical and ecological point of view. We renew old jewelry and use recycled materials whenever possible. All leftover material generated during the work is reused. The gold we use is at least 99,9% recycled and we aim for 100% every day.


We use diamonds, sapphires and other durable and high quality gems in our jewelry. We acquire the gemstones from our reliable and long-term material suppliers and partners.

We only use diamonds from legal sources and producers who are committed to the Kimberley International Agreement. The agreement prevents conflict diamonds from entering the rough diamond market. Our diamond supplier is also a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). RJC assesses business practices in the jewelry industry against ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards.

Due to the war of aggression caused by Russia against Ukraine, we have decided not to use diamonds from Russia in our jewelry.


We are often asked if customer’s old jewelry can be used to make our collection jewelry or unique jewelry pieces. When manufacturing a collection jewelry, old jewelry is difficult to use straight to the piece. For example, gemstones may not fit the exact measurements of the collection jewelry. Therefore we don't make collection jewelry from the customer's own materials.At the moment we don't take orders for unique jewelry pieces. However, it is possible to compensate the old jewelry as material when ordering a collection piece.


Jewelry is a sentimental item, that we love and cherish, but it is also an investment which lasts for the next generation when handled with care. We give a certificate of authenticity for the materials and for the jewelry designed and manufactured by us at Au3 Goldsmiths.


We at Au3 Goldsmiths mostly use gold and platinum, with gems like diamonds and sapphires. Read more about materials and find out how to take care of them!