Hauru is a new jewelry collection by goldsmith Anu Kaartinen. The charmingly curling forms of rakkohauru, repeating the soothing movement of the waves have been the source of inspiration for the collection. Rakkohauru is a type of bladder wrack seaweed found on the coast of Finland, a sensitive indicator of the state of the Baltic Sea. Seeing it return to the previously murky waters brings hope, while its disappearance is cry for help to stop eutrophication. The Hauru collection was born out of love for the sea and the archipelago, reminding us to take care of their future too.

The Hauru collection is made of recycled 18K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and recycled 925 silver. The Hauru diamond ring was selected as a finalist in the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2023 competition.