Au3 Goldsmiths has various pieces of jewelry for masculine taste.
Our stylish and simple design pieces are made to you by order. This way the jewelry will fit you and your personal style perfectly. The jewelry from the collections are ready in 4-6 weeks from placing the order. We provide a certificate of authenticity for the materials and for the jewelry designed and manufactured by us at Au3 Goldsmiths.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in any case concerning jewelry!

Wedding rings

All our collection rings are suitable for every day use as engagement and wedding rings. We can add some meaningful detail to your ring to match your spouse’s engagement or wedding ring. Collection jewelry is ready in 4-6 weeks from placing the order.

We make the wedding rings from yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The gold we use is at least 99% recycled. Also other metals, like 950 platinum and titanium is available. We acquire gemstones from reliable and long-term material suppliers and partners. We only use diamonds from legal sources and producers who are committed to the Kimberley International Agreement.

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