The idea of the MyWay ring was born under a theme of "New beginning". Goldsmith Jussi Louesalmi wanted to design a ring, which includes the idea of life and it's continuity: it's about my way and my own path in life.

"Life is in constant motion, nothing is permanent. A new beginning is always a reaction to the previous. Significant things happen in life, even revolutionary ones. They act as the new beginnings, and in a moment like that, we see our life before and after. In the MyWay ring, everyone can have their own path that twists and turns. Like the constant wave motion of time and life. The green diamonds in the ring can be highlights on the path of life. Gold is like sunlight that surrounds us."

The MyWay ring was nominated as a finalist of The Most Beautiful Ring of the year 2022 competition. The collection is soon growing with necklaces and earrings. There will also be different color gemstones available.

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