Find the perfect options for engagement and wedding rings in Au3 Goldsmiths' collections. Our wedding jewelry is made to order by our own talented goldsmiths in Finland. The rings from the collections are ready in 4-6 weeks.

The model pieces are found at Au3 Goldsmiths store in Helsinki. Keto Meadow jewelry is also available at the official retailers in the largest cities of Finland. You can place your order on Au3 Online shop or at the jewelry store. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in any case concerning the engagement and wedding jewelry!


Wondering about the quality of jewelry? Au3 Goldsmiths design and manufacture jewelry collections, custom made jewelry and unique pieces from high quality materials. The materials are carefully selected and all the pieces are designed and made by our talented jewelry designers and goldsmiths. For us the quality is one of the most important criteria in our work. We also believe that high quality and beautiful jewelry design can go hand in hand with sustainable use of materials. Read more about our values and the use of the materials.